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The Best Car Seat for your Baby’s Safety

It is very important to take care of our small one’s with the best baby car seat we can find in Malaysia. Sometimes I see parents driving the car with a small baby in the front seat, a very bad idea. Spend the extra money to make sure your baby is kept safe inside the car.


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Accidents can happen in a blink of a eye and a car impact at a speed as low as 30 km / hour can seriously injure or even kill a small boy or girl.

That is why it is important to securely strap in your young children in a quality car seat.

The baby and infant car seats that we propose here are usually top quality to make sure that we tip the odds in favor of your children if ever you have an incident during your travels.

Fisher Price 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

It’s undeniable that fatalities in accidents are caused by strong impact during collision. Thinking about our children travelling on the road makes us worry. For this reason, Fisher Price Convertible Car Seat for infants is designed and created. There’s no need to get an expensive baby car seat for the safety and comfort that your little ones need. You can have the best performance without paying more. The company is able to come up with a durable and reliable convertible car seat out of pocket-friendly materials.

Fisher Price Convertible 3-in-1 Car Seat

Fisher Price Convertible baby car seat is dedicated in providing comfort and happiness to these little souls. There’s no need to tie them up in your car seat to assure their safety. This one will provide the support and care like a mother with its adjustable head support feature.

You can position your passenger on the angle that they prefer. They will never go thirsty with the additional cup holder that is beyond their rich. The car seat is tested and proven to be shock absorbent so you can definitely say good bye to those bumpy roads.

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Your children will be travelling with you with a smile on their faces and is suitable for kids in Group 1, 2 and 3, with weight from 9 to 36 kg.

It also has a head support that is adjustable according to your kids’ height, built-in guides for safe and comfortable fit, padded arm rests as well as mesh storage pocket for you to install any small toys. I really can’t find other mark downs for this product. It’s lovely and it’s handy. You can easily fold it after using. It’s not bulky, making it really easy to store.

Maxi-Cosi Opal Baby Car Seat Intense Red

Maxi-Cosi Opal Car Seat Intense Red Maxi-Cosi Opal Car Seat Often times, parents will look for an expensive car seat which is normal considering that their precious baby will be sitting on it. The fact is, there’s one that won’t hurt your budget, but will provide you with features and benefits that expensive ones are offering.

This refers to Maxi-Cosi Opal Convertible Car Seat, which is currently very popular in the market. Just imagine a baby car seat that will perfectly fit in your car even if you have a small one.

Your baby will enjoy the ride and he will be sitting like a prince with the soft and comfortable shape of his throne. This seat is also promoted by the health organization because it contains fewer toxins compared to other leading brands.

This best convertible car seat is very handy with its thin and durable materials that can support up to 40 pounds. It’s very easy to install because of its light weight materials that are perfectly designed for your baby’s comfort.

It has a rear-facing feature that will give you and your baby ample space for easy movement. It has a large open space so your baby can look around.

Maxi Cosi Price: See Here

There are no complaints about this product so far. Parents who tried using it are saying that this convertible car seat is one of the best. One parent said it’s difficult to install because of its shorter strap, but that’s just it.

Majority are saying that this car seat is baby-friendly, easy to install, handy, and comfortable. Aside from the stated fact that it’s affordable, you can also use it until your baby will no longer need a car seat. In fact, it is suitable for babies from newborns until 4 years old.

There are really a lot of car seat choices out there, but Maxi-Cosi Opal baby Car Seat will give you the best value for your money.

Ferrari Cosmo Convertible Car Seat

Ferrari Cosmo Car Seat Our baby’s safety always comes first; however, with our mobility, we can’t avoid to let these little creatures travel with us, worrying that along the way something will happen. With that consideration, Ferrari Cosmo Convertible Car Seat is manufactured with quality in mind.

This convertible car seat is perfectly designed for the comfort and needs of our precious ones. It ensures stability with its steel bars that can be securely connected to your car seat, keeping your child in place even with strong impact.

Its concave seat design ensures comfort and safety as its foam will absorb energy and pressure. It has a forward facing harness car seat for children weighing 0 to 18 kg with chest pads that will secure your child on place, making it the best convertible car seat ever invented. You will be at peace knowing that your child is in good hands with its safe-cell technology that will keep the child within the seat during crash or strong impact.