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Baby Carrier: My Favorite for Malaysia

Ergobaby Original Carrier Galaxy Grey

I am a big fan of this physiological baby carrier. As its name indicates it complies with the forms of your baby. Me not loving knots scarves, I find it very comforting to have a ergo carrier, with the Ergobaby I found my happiness. In a jiffy baby is seated and you are ready to go! I also use it at home for my household and baby falls asleep in!

Ergobaby Original Carrier Galaxy Grey
The Pocket is convenient for outlets to put his keys, etc if the weather spoils, there is also waterproof and polar protections that are on the ergobaby.

However even with the booster cushion, the maintenance of a newborn who has no muscle tone is not top. In conclusion, the 3/4 first months baby nothing beats a good old scarf of portage (easier to update when baby does not move too) and after 3 months the Ergobaby is a treat!

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POSITIONS of carriage

The Ergobaby carrier has 3 positions: on the belly, back and hip. It provides both the freedom to bearer and reassuring (and necessary) proximity to the child.

Carrying on the stomach

Babies love first and foremost have a physical and Visual contact with their mother. They crave warmth and maternal odor which provide comfort and security, very important feelings for the social and intellectual development of infants.

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Carrying on the back

As soon as your child has enough muscle tone to the neck to be able to hold his head some time alone, you can wear it on your back. During walks, races or at home simply, your child is still against you, on your back. Thus, dorsal Baby wearing allows you to enjoy every day of great freedom, while strengthening the parent-child relationship that is so valuable.

Carrying on the hip

This position is ideal for the porting of short duration of older children, because your child has a wide field of vision as well as a close body contact with the wearer. The portage on the hip is the most natural way to carry a child, hip providing support, especially among women. The portage on the hip can also adopt the legs-apart-identified position with a perfect gauge of legs.


The design of the Ergobaby carrier ensures a comfortable, safe and healthy portage. The Ergobaby carrier is suitable from birth with the cushion baby Ergobaby Heart2Heart (from 3.2 to 5.5 kg) and the Ergobaby carrier does not contain a bulky rigid frame.


Baby Hip Seat Carrier

This baby hip seat carrier is truly a nice product to have at home. It is comfortable for the child and above all for the parents. High security (scratch + ties).
A small flap in case of need. The baby’s head is properly seated and the color is discrete. I highly recommend this product!

Baby Hip Seat Carrier
Includes baby beige classic designed to improve the comfort of parents and baby! The new range of baby Freestyle is the result of an in-depth market study to understand consumer needs and was designed on the advice of chiropractic to ensure optimum comfort for the wearer and the child. Simplified installation:

  • 2 easy to attach clips
  • Adjustable size according to your morphology and the evolution of baby

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  • Ergonomically shaped seat for your baby
  • Fabric padded crotch-level
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Belt plush for optimum lumbar support and a good distribution of weight
  • Technical specifications:
  • 2 positions facing MOM and the road
  • Easy care: machine washable
  • Maximum weight: 15 Kg
  • 1 removable bib
  • 1 pacifier clip

Baby Bjorn Carrier Original City Black Cotton

It is a mother of two who advised me to make me offer this baby carrier as a gift for the birth for my eldest daughter. It allowed me to carry my two babies until they are almost 1 year and it has always been great. Incredible! Despite many passages in the washing machine the baby Bjorn carrier is one of the few childcare article that I won’t need to buy again if we have a 3rd baby. So it’s expensive I agree, but the quality is really to go for.

Baby Bjorn baby carrier Malaysia

The strong points of this baby carrier:

  • Solid
  • Washing machine (without damaging)
  • Elegant
  • Allows a good maintenance of baby
  • Several positions depending on the weight of the child (the baby carrier is adjustable)
  • Installs in a jiffy, ease child and it is really important!
  • Very well designed, it relieves the back which is often put to the test in young moms.

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Two positions: baby nestled against MOM (or dad) with sustained head (top of the raised carrier) for the little ones and as soon as baby can hold his head well, you can lower the flap (as pictured) and baby facing the world can observe pleases everything that is happening around him.

I have no negative points to note regarding this baby carrier.

Here are more characteristics of the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

  • Easy to set and remove because everything can be adjusted from the front
  • Perfect from birth, fit fits baby’s growth
  • Developed together with pediatricians for adequate support of the head, back and hips of baby
  • 2 options of portage to – baby face you or turned outward
  • Free of hazardous substances, certified Oeko-Tex class 1 for babies
  • wide padded straps distribute the weight of optimally on the back and shoulders
  • effectively supports the child’s head and back
  • keeps the legs and arms in a perfect anatomical position
  • Cale-neck stable and adjustable, adaptable to the size of the child
  • as your child grows and he himself maintains his neck, the headrest can be folded and the child can look forward
  • the front opens to take baby without waking up when he is asleep
  • the carrier “grows” with the child
  • easy to take and to withdraw: all the settings are made from the front
  • ideal for everyday use
  • wash separately (detergent for delicate fabrics without optical bleach)
  • Suitable from birth (3.5 kg and 53 cm min.), supports up to 10 kg max.