Baby Walker Malaysia

Should you buy your baby a Baby Walker?

Is it safe to use a baby walker ? Most parents nowadays were asking this question before buying their baby a baby walker. And some countries do not recommend the use of it, because they believe that it can cause accidents such as tripping, falling, or simple bumping on something while babies were scooting around.

IThey think that these things take place because babies do not have the ability yet to control their walker.

Best Baby Walker for your Baby

Baby Stroller – Designs of a Quality Stroller

A baby stroller is very useful to have in Malaysia, specially with the growing number of parks that lets the parents stroll around in nature with their little family.

Peg Perego Pliko P3 Compact Classico Galaxy the stroller that has all your needs

Peg Perego is an international brand who is popularly known for manufacturing strollers, carriages, toys, etc. with the best quality. Most if not all of their products are made out of rubberized fabric instead of sheet metal and wicker which is definitely helps in the child’s safety.

Baby Carrier: My Favorite for Malaysia

Ergobaby Original Carrier Galaxy Grey

I am a big fan of this physiological baby carrier. As its name indicates it complies with the forms of your baby. Me not loving knots scarves, I find it very comforting to have a ergo carrier, with the Ergobaby I found my happiness. In a jiffy baby is seated and you are ready to go! I also use it at home for my household and baby falls asleep in!

Best Car Seat for your Baby’s Safety

Best Baby Car Seats in Malaysia

It is very important to take care of our small one’s with the best baby car seat we can find in Malaysia. Sometimes I see parents driving the car with a small baby in the front seat, a very bad idea. Spend the extra money to make sure your baby is kept safe inside the car.

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Accidents can happen in a blink of a eye and a car impact at a speed as low as 30 km / hour can seriously injure or even kill a small boy or girl.

Baby Carrier and a Baby Stroller

A baby Stroller or a baby carrier?

A Baby stroller is a must buy, but how to choose? Among the many models available in-store, this baby stroller review gives you the criteria preferred at time of purchase.