Hello Kitty Gift Guide

Hello Kitty Gift and Collectibles for Malaysia

Girls just love all there Hello Kitty stuff, they have Hello Kitty products for everything imaginable these days. This small post will outline a few ideas for people that are looking to buy for themselves as a collectible or just buy a gift for a friend or family.

best digital camera under 200

Looking for the best slow juicer in Malaysia? A slow juicer will extract the juices without removing the vital nutrients found inside the fruit.

Here are 3 of my favorite slow juicers that you can easily buy Online.

Better known for their ease of use, speed of juicing and superior build the new Hurom 500 Premium is ideal for those looking for a time saving, easy to use masticating juicer. No compromise has been produced with this particular new generation of Hurom juicers.

Best Stand Mixer

Is a Quality stand mixer on your Wishlist?

This article will provide the information you need to purchase the best stand mixer you can find on the market. A quality stand mixer will produce tasty pastries and breads that will surely delight the complete family.

Well, who doesn’t love to eat pastries, breads, and cakes or even home made pastas? But did you know that these foods are difficult to do if you don’t have the right equipment to use in your kitchen? Like mixing ingredients when you are about to bake a loaf of bread, for sure, you will be needing a powerful stand mixer for that.

Water Filter – Fresh and Clean Water

Alkaline Water Filter for a Healthy Life

A water filter is an important appliance to have at home for you and your family. Reducing up to 99% of harsh chemicals and bacteria these units will really keep the small one’s healthy.

It is so alarming that water in our faucets today is carrying unknown substances that can cause diseases when ingested. It is best for everyone to be aware and cautious in drinking water directly in your faucets. This danger in our own household is the main reason why water filters are being invented.

Samsung Refrigerator Review

Do you want to upgrade your refrigerator?

Who doesn’t need a refrigerator at home? We all need it. It’s not a luxury anymore, but a necessity that every home must have.

There are lots of refrigerator in the market today, and sometimes it is difficult to choose what to buy. Most of the time, the only deciding factor of the consumer is the size and height of it. But of course, there are lots of factors to consider when buying a new unit of refrigerator.

Toshiba Washing Machine Review

Time for Your Laundry to be done – Quality Washing Machines

Are you someone who does your laundry at home or maybe you’re someone who go to laundry shops to clean your dirty clothes? Either way, it is important that you have the awareness on how your clothes are being washed.

Did you know that in some places, laundry shops have laundrymen and laundry women who do the washing of their clients’ clothes? While in some places, clients are independent and are the one operating washing machine in laundry shop.

Sharp Air Purifier for a Healthy Lifestyle

Sharp Air Purifying at it’s Best

If you would like to have an idea as to what you can expect from the Sharp air purifier from Malaysia, this short summary may help you understand what you can look forward to if you decide to avail of this product as soon as you can.

Indoor air pollutants are unwanted, often dangerous products in the air. Indoor air pollution is probably the top-five environmental health risks.

Best Juice Extractor in Malaysia

Here are my top recommendations for the best juice extractor you can find in stores when shopping in Malaysia. I will also link directly to an online store for you to conveniently receive your juicer at home.

Highly Recommended Juicer- Breville Juice Extractor

Get into the world of juicing with fast and excellent speed juice fountain. Breville Juice Fountain JE95 is designed as per latest technologies and methods to improve and extract maximum juice.

Water Heater for your Efficient Home

Save energy with these great water heaters

Are you looking for the best Efficient Water Heater for your home? These two water heaters that you can easily purchase in Malaysia Online will be the units you are looking for.

Best Massage Chair for Malaysia

Top Massage Chair of the year for a Stress Free Life

After a long day of work, isn’t nice to come home and relax in one of the best massage Chairs of 2016!.

This article will propose the top massage chairs sold on the Internet for the current year, I will update the page in a timely fashion making sure the prices and the reviews still reflect the reality of the market place.

Best Quality Juicer

Selecting your next Juicer: The Best For Your Kitchen

If you really want to find out which juicer to use for your own kitchen, you came to the right place. I will try to help you find out which juicer you can use in the future without any hassles.

You’ll also find out some of the benefits that you can get from slow juicing so that you can get the best results in the process. Here is some additional information about those benefits as follows:

Best Garment Steamer to Purchase in Malaysia

Firenzzi Garment Steamer FGS-16

If a garment steamer as Firenzzi could reconcile me with the ironing, totally allergic to my iron , I was curious to see. Ease ofuse and speed, performance … Does it supply?

Unpacking and dealing with the vertical steamer Firenzzi

Initially, the Lightweight Firenzzi Valet appears like a garments rail , with at its foundation, a base that contains a water reservoir and circuit heavy steam manufacturing.

Smoothie Maker – Blending Nice Smothies

Cool drinks with my selection of smoothie makers

Are you looking for a brand new smoothie maker to keep you cool during these hot seasons, I know that it can be very hot during the day in Malaysia and these are the two smoothie makers that I was using to make my favorite smoothie or shake.

Best Microwave Oven For Kitchens

While so many families are working hard around Malaysia, having a good microwave ovens in the kitchen is the key to save time cooking for the overall family.

Panasonic Microwave Oven: Style and Function In One Machine

If you would like to have something that can serve as a two in one machine in your kitchen, the Panasonic microwave oven is just the thing that you should get.

Best Ice Cream Maker Malaysia

Mini Ice Cream Maker : The Best You Can Look Forward To

There are a few good ice cream maker in Malaysia and I took the time to review these nice ice cream machine, Malaysia is the perfect place to have a high quality ice cream maker.

If you’re going to have to look for an ice cream maker that can give you everything that you would need for business and personal use, then this is the product that you should look for.

Great Electric Grills for Malaysian Cooking

Philips Electric Grill With 2 In1 Ribbed & Smooth Grill Plate

If you are looking to have the best grill that the family can use for picnics and other types of get-together's, the Phillips Table Grill should be the product that is first on your shopping list.

Best Rice Cooker – Perfect Fluffy Rice

Hitachi Rice Cooker RZ-XMC10Y 1L

A rice cooker is a very important small appliance in Malaysia and selecting the best rice cooker just got easier with this review regarding rice cookers.

A meal wouldn’t be a complete without perfectly cooked rice. So to have a satisfying and fulfilling meal, you should have something that would have you wanting for more. The Hitachi Rice Cooker RZ-XMC10Y 1L Black will surely take your rice fantasies to the next level.

Best Thermo Pot – Keeping Water Warm

Panosonic Thermo Pot NC-TWS30 White

Keeping your water hot with a great thermo pot is a great way to save money on your electric bill or your gas purchase, while having the convenience of drinking your favorite beverage when you want.

Here are the two best Thermo pots on the market:

Induction Cooker for my Modern Kitchen

Cooking Great Food with the Perfect Induction Cooker

I love Malaysian food, and one cooktop appliance I really love to have in my kitchen is an induction cooker.

Philips is famous for providing high quality furniture as well as satisfying and helping customers for years. Daily Collection ME Induction Cooker HD4921 is a new addition to the list.

Pressure Cooker for Home Fine Cooking

Save time cooking with the top pressure cookers in Malaysia

Need a great pressure cooker to break down those tough to cook meat and vegetable, well I have produced a small research to find the best pressure cooker in Malaysia.

Pressure cooking is not an ideal way of cooking for a lot of kitchen lovers due to the fact that it needs more dedication. Philips Pressure Cooker will save you from that dilemma.

earch of the Best Coffee Maker

Highly Ranked Coffee Machine- Breville Coffee Maker BCM-600

Are Looking to buy the best Coffee Machine for your kitchen? Nothing is better than your Coffee Maker fixing a fresh brew for you every morning.

Here are some of my favorite coffee machines I used in Malaysia.

Best Espresso Machine you can Buy in Malaysia

Top of the Line Espresso Machine

Are you looking to buy a new espresso machine? I am personally a big drinker of cafe latte, at 15 Rm each you can quickly save some money once you purchase an espresso machine.

Advanced coffee makers are widely used in fast and busy world. So why wait? Grab your morning coffee and start your day with fresh and rejuvenating shots. Prepare instant, hot and delicious coffee with excellent and professional De’Longhi Coffee Maker.

Coffee Grinder for Coffee Lovers

The Best Coffee Grinder

It’s not only the coffee machine that makes the perfect coffee, you also need a very good coffee grinder to finely grind your coffee for espresso or just the normal drip coffee.

The DeLonghi Coffee Grinder KG49 provides excellent and consistent ground coffee with its outstanding and high performance. It delivers the best tasting ground coffee with the perfect blend of coffee and aroma.