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Alkaline Water Filter for a Healthy Life

A water filter is an important appliance to have at home for you and your family. Reducing up to 99% of harsh chemicals and bacteria these units will really keep the small one’s healthy.

Water FilterIt is so alarming that water in our faucets today is carrying unknown substances that can cause diseases when ingested. It is best for everyone to be aware and cautious in drinking water directly in your faucets. This danger in our own household is the main reason why water filters are being invented.

Well, what is a water purifier?

A water filter is a thing that removes substances that aren’t needed in the water. It simply purifies it. It has lots of variety and it depends on what kind of water you are going to purify. There’s huge water filters for swimming pools, aquariums, and irrigation. Then, there’s small ones that you could attach in your faucets at home to make sure that the water you are going to use is clean.

Great Prices for Top Water Filters in Malaysia

Let’s list some benefits of water filters, so that, you’ll get a better understanding of why you should buy it. The first one is about health benefit. It is beneficial to our health because we can avoid epidemic diseases. Epidemic diseases usually come from bacteria living in some body of water that is also being carried to our faucet.

The next is you cannot just trust your community water treatment facilities to watch your water all the time, since there are times that unexpected outbreak occur. So, if you are using water filters at your home, you don’t need to worry if this outbreak takes place.

Another thing is, it is better to have your own water filtration system at home than trusting some water refilling stations or bottled water. Why? Well, sometimes they don’t complete the filtration process, so you’ll still find some unwanted substances on it.

How to select water purification system?

Well, choosing the best water filter system is a little bit tricky since there are many types of filters in the market. But of course, there are guides on how to choose the best suitable filter for you. Just bear in mind that it depends on what you need.

If you believe that the water in your faucet is already safe to drink and not contaminated, then you can buy a simple faucet filter. This filter is mostly made of cotton or sponge, or you can even use the sand and pebbles filter for your peace of mind.

Some city and town experience water contamination, so it is best that you know the disturbing substance on your faucet first. On that way, you can buy the most appropriate filter for your household.Filtration Process

If the contaminants present in your water are rust, scale, and some sediments, you can choose the whole-house water filtration. This filter specializes in removing rust and some sediments, but forgets to protect your water from other micro contaminants.

If you want a better taste water, then you might want to try tap-based water purifier. This filter eliminates organic chemicals and chlorine by-products. This is mostly used in houses near factories and farms.

You can also find carbon filters in the market. This is also a good option, since carbon is best in absorbing impurities. It removes lead, chlorine by-products, and some bacteria. As we all know, lead is a very harmful element, especially for pregnant women. Lead can cause physical and mental defects to unborn children.

You can accompany your carbon filter with reverse-osmosis system. This system is very much helpful if you’ve already processed your water in carbon filter. It removes the remaining contaminants that the carbon filter oversees.

The disadvantage of this is, it always waste some waters. The ratio of water that is being thrown and being filtered is 15 liters to 4 liters. The ratio is quite unreasonable, but at least you are very sure that the water you’re going to drink is safer than any other filtered water.

You can also check out ultraviolet light units. This system focuses on disinfecting your water from harmful bacteria that can possibly cause diarrhea, amebiasis, and other stomach diseases. But it is best recommended to filter your water with carbon filter first before processing your water in this unit.

But if you think that these filters are expensive and you don’t have the budget to buy one, you can use traditional methods such as distillation. This is done with boiling your tap water until it bubbles up and let it cool down for some time. It usually eliminates heavy elements like lead, fluoride, microbes, and some solid metal.

Keep in mind that it is important for you to study the components of your water first before buying the water filtration unit that you have planned.

MF Alkaline Water Filter Review

If you felt like buying one, but still don’t have any idea what to buy, then why don’t you check out Multi Filter Alkaline Water Filter.

This water filtration unit reduces the presence of bacteria, and if done right then your water will most likely become bacteria free. It can also eliminate heavy metal (lead) and some solid particles. Another good thing about this MF Alkaline Water Filter is, it reduces water odor. Yes, water has odors and it can be rusty or chlorinated.

Why choose MF Alkaline Water Filter? This filter can help your water balance its PH content. This is a good recommendation for someone who has acid problem. As we all know, acids can cause many diseases such as urinary tract infection, acid reflux, ulcer and many more. And alkaline is one of the remedy to balance the PH in your body.

Alkaline is not only good at balancing the acid level in your body, but it can also help you hydrate your skin more than any bottled water you can buy in convenience stores. So better choose a filter that can turn your water with high amount of alkaline or can balance the PH content than those filters that just purify the water.

MF Alkaline Water filtration system is easy to install and maintenance cost is very low. Step by step instruction is provided so that you won’t have difficulty in installing it when you receive it.

Now that you have the proper preview of a quality water filtration unit, it’s time for you to decide what type of filter to use for the safety of your family.