Hello Kitty Gift and Collectibles for Malaysia

Hello Kitty Gift and Collectibles for Malaysia


Girls just love all there Hello Kitty stuff, they have Hello Kitty products for everything imaginable these days.

This small post will outline a few ideas for people that are looking to buy for themselves as a collectible or just buy a gift for a friend or family.


Hello Kitty Altek Cubic Camera

Hello Kitty Altek Cubic is a smart mini wireless camera.

Cubic defines innovative picture-taking, which uses wireless (Wi-Fi or NFC) to control the camera from your smartphone, and enables picture-taking from previously impossible angles.

Hello Kitty Altek Cubic has a built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) touch mechanism that supports NFC functions on your smart phone. With an easy touch, Cubic is automatically linked to your smart phone and Cubic Camera app.

Using the most convenient and user-friendly method, Cubic lets you capture every moment with ease.

Hello Kitty Wink Face Cover iPhone 6

  • A Hello Kitty Flip Cover Skin Case, provides a Cute Slim Look with Protection!
  • Exterior layer is a hardened shell with a sleek, smooth finish.
  • Precise cutouts for all phone features to allow full access with case on.



Hello Kitty Watch

Looking for a timepiece that offers adventurous persona with a little dash of style?

Hello Kitty Watch is based on one of the most adored and loved characters ever to come out of Japan. This toy cat does not only appeal to kids but to teens, and surprisingly to adults as well.

This watch offers styling that is on the cutting edge of fashion and function. A mixture of adventure and cuteness, this range of exclusive watch offers swagger and self-confidence at its best.

The Hello Kitty theme will definitely own the heart of avid Hello Kitty lovers. It is perfect as a birthday gift or even as a gift to yourself. Make them happy and get it now while the stock last.

Gift Set : Funcare Hello Kitty Collagen with Pearl Powder Drink Supplement

Funcare HelloKitty

  • Improve skin elasticity, hydration and skin condition
  • Maintain healthy bones and teeth, promote calcium absorption
  • Tackles 3 major problems simultaneously: skin, hair and bone
  • Add top grade pearl powder for your healthy skin
  • Japan and USA patent collagen


Pineng Limited Edition Hello Kitty Power Bank PN968

As we own and rely more and more on technology to keep us connected and updated, the lifespan of our gadgets become an important aspect of our livelihood.

The gadgets nowadays completely rely on battery to allow us to bring them with us wherever we go.

This however comes with a catch. The technology for the battery lifespan has not caught up with the advancement of the gadgets themselves, causing the batteries to run out on you quickly leaving you high and dry.


Hello Kitty Hardcase Luggage Bag

Travel in style with this gorgeous Hello Kitty Suitcase Luggage.

This travel case is a Japan exclusive and features a limited design with satin lining, metal details, and PVC leather reinforced corners.

The design is part of the Hello Kitty Graphite Jacquard collection and features Hello Kitty’s face embroidered and cute zipper bow charm detail.

Hello Kitty with pink details give this travel case a classic look. Come and have a collection on the limited Hello Kitty Travel Suitcase Luggage!