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Best Water Heater for your Efficient Home

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Are you looking for the best Efficient Water Heater for your home? These two water heaters that you can easily purchase in Malaysia Online will be the units you are looking for.

Milux Water Heater ML-338 Product Review

Milux-Water-Heater-MLX-338P Milux Water Heater ML-338 is the answer to your shower demands and needs. You can feel the power of nature in your own shower room. There’s no reason to feel pressured each time you will take a shower with buzzing motor or heavy drops of water that touches your skin.

If you need to wash your blues away after a busy day of stressful work and pressure, your shower room can be your perfect haven with ML-338 from Milux. It is understandable that you deserve the best service and comfort right at your own house. You will have the pleasure of taking a bath with your own water drop preferences with this water heater.

Looking for a sleek and neat design of your shower heater can be a challenge if you don’t know what to get. The Milux Water Heater MLX-338 will immediately attract you with its built and appearance the first time you lay your eyes on it. It will be love at first sight. Make sure that it will be perfectly bought.

Best water heater

You can’t waste your money for something that will need replacement months after using. To bring the feature to perfection, you will be able to monitor its activities with the light indicator for each function: water pump, heater, motor, and RCCB.

Accidents are our main fear particularly if we’re using the product with our loved ones. Milux understands this concern and added the anti-scalding for total protection. You will always be confident that you won’t have undesirable situations with this shower heater. You will be like a child enjoying the drops of the rain with the shower’s rain drop setting. Older members of the family will find this shower heater helpful and convenient. It’s even used in some care homes and hospitals.

It has been proven that taking showers with warm water daily relieves the body from stress and cares some minor illnesses. It’s good to know that you can have the convenience of warm water for your bath without having to use the traditional way of boiling water and adding it to your tap water. Milux Water Heater will help you brighten your day without emptying your pocket.


  • Rainshower settings for comfort and satisfaction
  • Easy to set up unit with easy to understand manual
  • Cool and neat design that comes in three colors
  • One year warranty for repair or replacement


  • Customer service is not really helpful
  • It will take time to have the product repaired or replaced

Comfort and safety come into the consumers’ mind first before they will decide to purchase an appliance. What’s really important is that you will be adding something into your comfort zone; your shower room. You don’t just take or install something in that room. Your dream is to get a perfect addition that will make your life better and easier.

Having a unique and classy style will be a good addition. Milux tankless Water Heater comes in colors white, red, and black that is intended to perfectly match with any person’s color and design preferences. Buying one is definitely a smart and perfect purchase.

Panasonic Water Heater JET PUMP Review

panasonic-water-heater-dh-3jp2m Taking a bath with warm water is known for its relaxing and therapeutic effects. This can be done with comfort and style if you have PANASONIC Water Heater. In fact, the comfort and convenience of taking a bath will never be the same if you use this product.

Practical users are concerned with the energy they use for every appliance that they have. That won’t be an issue since the product is designed and proven to be power efficient. You will also have the protection you need for a shower heater.

Heating pumps come in different brands and styles. However, only a handful will be able to fulfill your expectations from what the company is advertising. The water heater from Cornell brags with a lot of special and unique features that you can’t get from other brands. You won’t be distracted by buzzing motor because of its silent water pump from Japan. It’s so handy and easy to install with the free demo and user manual.

You will have the desired temperature that you want in your water; seconds after you activated the heat regulator. You will have the convenience of using the easy to operate temperature controller located in the lower back portion of the product. You can even customize the water flow using the hand shower that comes with the package.

It has an energy saving feature that is both user and earth friendly. You will notice that your power consumption will be lesser weeks after switching to this wather heater. It will automatically regulate the water flow of the shower, which means lesser water consumption for every bathing session. It comes with an affordable price; so purchasing one for your own bathroom is really attainable. You don’t need to compete with your children or spouse on running to the shower if you feel like giving yourself a warm and relaxing bath.

Style and appeal will be added to your shower room because of the heater’s neat and classy design. It comes in white and black color for your preferences.


  • Saves a lot of water and energy
  • Silent and easy to use
  • Works perfectly like how it’s advertised
  • Price is affordable, comes with easy to understand manual for installation


  • Need of filter that you need to manually install
  • Takes almost four hours to install

The verdict on the PANASONIC Water Heater with Jet Pump is one of the best products that you can get in the market, if you love taking time to comfort yourself in the shower. You will be safe and satisfied with its safe and versatile features. Taking a bath will be differently good with the shower’s five spray styles that you can use with the hand shower.

The flow it provides will automatically adjust based on the pressure of the water in your faucet. While this product boosts for a lot of amazing features, you won’t have problems with energy consumption. It uses small wattage, therefore, minimizing the power that you consume per use.

Alpha Water Heater

The local Alpha water heater will provide quality hot water in your shower for a modest price. The Alpha Water Heater comes with:

  • Water pressure control
  • Temperature control
  • Anti leaking tank
  • Splash proof
  • Flow switch system
  • Auto thermal cutout