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Firenzzi Garment Steamer FGS-16

If a garment steamer as Firenzzi could reconcile me with the ironing, totally allergic to my iron , I was curious to see. Ease ofuse and speed, performance … Does it supply?

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Unpacking and dealing with the vertical steamer Firenzzi

Initially, the Lightweight Firenzzi Valet appears like a garments rail , with at its foundation, a base that contains a water reservoir and circuit heavy steam manufacturing . I must admit that the part of the product tells me of the tiny cleaner , by its shape and amount. A coat hanger allows hang dresses, jackets, sweaters and shirts, and 2 clamps used to hang skirts, pants and other garments, in order to smooth .

Use side is super- simple: following satisfying the water reservoir and inserting the system , just move it on making use of the pedal. In under a minute, the steam begins to get away from from the remember to brush. In this regard, a second tip is provided in order to set the pleats on pants or shirt sleeves .

Use and result: Is Steaming is useful?

Go! I attack my little black top , cotton and elastane. After a too strong machine and a few days under my pile of ironing bin , it is not wearable in the state. I hang the brush and I grab the garment steamer gun . It releases a continuous jet of steam, without too much pressure. Will this be enough it to ” board ” my T -t-shirt? I caress the fabric in the direction of the fibers. In ways, the pleats disappear . Impressive. Even on the sleeves – nevertheless well wrinkled, the steamer is performing remarkably .

Well, let’s face it is not too difficult to metal … therefore i successfully pass to another level with jeans in cotton thick enough , with clamps in the waist and cuffs. Once again, the smoothing is immediate. Stretching a bit jeans with hand clamps are completely restricted. Advantage and thus working vertically, is that does not crease . I truly failed to assume this kind of result , with only steam . Polyester blouse , tunic 100 % cotton voile , cotton blouse , dress in viscose and angora … Each time , the steamer has satisfied its goal , and quickly.


The strength of straight steamer Firenzzi is proven to be very useful in my home . On the very first use , the ” Facilities ” to a destabilizing top to bottom part. The steamer gun floats just a little vapor on the garments, so we often wish to stabilize the fabric. That said , following the hand , will be the use could not really more simple, and quickly. If I do not do a whole basket of ironing with the vertical steamer , I think , however, that this type of device is IDEAL for ironing his clothes in the morning before dressing, or immediately after drying, when placing them in the closet … it can always keep ready for use in a corner of the room or bathroom, for my part.

SKG Garment Steamer

SKG Garment Steamer There’s a lot more to life than family tasks, so you should get them done as quickly as possible. With the SKG Outfit Steamer , it is possible to reduce time spent ironing and still effectively steel away wrinkles out of your fabrics. If you’re in rush to get ready for a day out, experience great convenience thanks to this garment steamer that lets you iron your clothes quickly, which is great especially!

Speedy Crease Removing

The SKG Outfit Steamer operates on 1750W to present you with substantial energy vapor that cuts down on ironing time. You can even modify the vapor output to 2 settings. Get that wrinkly blouse ironed out perfectly in less than 3 a few minutes because of the speedy heat-up time as well as highly effective heavy steam productivity.

Inconvenience-Free Ironing

Hang your clothing and fabrics in the hanger that, when attached to the hanging holder could be rotated 360° for your ironing comfort. The hanger is flip-style to allow for convenient storage space. Ironing with this particular outfit steamer can also be inconvenience-free of charge as you may not need an ironing table. Moreover, the SKG Outfit Steamer is safe for use on all clothes, rendering it a fantastic answer for ironing delicate fabrics like silk.

Total Ease

Use the pushing clean that attaches to the tip of the nozzle to brush out lint and dust as you vapor-steel your garments. The telescopic rod extends to a optimum size of 1.3m, so you can steel easily. The 1.8L drinking water tank is detachable so you can very easily clean or re-fill it.

About SKG

SKG offers an considerable product range that help make mundane home actions more convenient. Also energy efficient and designed for superior performance, even though their products are not only stylish and made of high quality material. SKG brings comfort, pleasure and convenience to each household.

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