Stand Mixer : The Secret to Great Cooking

Is a Quality stand mixer on your Wishlist?

This article will provide the information you need to purchase the best stand mixer you can find on the market. A quality stand mixer will produce tasty pastries and breads that will surely delight the complete family.
Stand Mixers
Well, who doesn’t love to eat pastries, breads, and cakes or even home made pastas? But did you know that these foods are difficult to do if you don’t have the right equipment to use in your kitchen? Like mixing ingredients when you are about to bake a loaf of bread, for sure, you will be needing a powerful stand mixer for that.

More moms prefer using a powered mixer than a hand mixer. Well, that is understandable, since mixers are easier to use and very convenient, unlike hand mixer which you need to exert more effort when using it.

Moms are busy nowadays, so most of them are looking for something what will ease their lives. And stand mixer is something that makes baking easier for them.

Great Prices for the Best Stand Mixers in Malaysia

Why buy a electric mixer?

The pastry mixer is a little bit pricey, so you really have to talk to yourself, “Do I need this in my kitchen? How often will I use it in a week?” all these questions should have a positive answer before deciding to purchase one.

If you love baking, and you bake at least once or twice a week, then you need a stand power mixer. It is convenient to use, since all you have to do is let it sit on your kitchen table, pour it with your recipe’s ingredient, and press the button to let the mixer work on its own. It is a total hands-free work for you. Try to imagine this, if you are using a hand mixer, you’re holding the mixer with your right hand while pouring the sugar slowly in a bowl with your left hand, how does it look like to you? Too much effort is exerted in this process. And not only that, admit it or not, hand mixers are a little bit messy to use.

Stand mixers are less messy than hand mixers, because ingredients don’t fly all over the place as its mixer is in a steady position and its bowl is usually deep that it is impossible to experience spilling.

Another advantage of the stand mixer is, it works faster than any other mixers. The speed is steady and the result is always what you expected since you can choose from the speed selection present in the mixer.

What to look for in a mixer?

Mixers are not only for mixing heavy bread dough, or beating eggs to turn it in to meringue, but it should also have the capability to handle attachments such as an ice cream maker, sausage and meatloaf grinder, and even the pasta maker. This feature will create more use for the bowl mixer that you have purchased.

The manufacturer’s warranty is a good indication that the stand mixer you’re eyeing to buy is in good quality. This only means that the manufacturer itself is confident that their product is world class, and that it will last long.

What to look for in the body? The mixer should be heavily weighted. This indicates that it also carries a heavy motor that is very powerful which can perform the heavy job that you are expecting and heavy motors can last longer. But of course, this is not a clear indication that the motor’s quality is at its best. You must scrutinize the manufacturer’s promise in their warranty card. If they give you a good deal when you buy their product, then you are safe, that the motor is in good shape.

Do not buy a stand mixer that is belt driven. Why? Because it can be worn out if you use it often and might slip while using it. Find a mixer that has solid steel drive trains. Gears should be directly connected to its mixing head to immediately transfer the power to its bowl.

Well, did you know that it is better to use a single beater than dual beater? Single beater is more powerful than a dual beater because it can scrape all the sides of the bowl whenever it turns 360 degrees.

Let’s talk about controls. There’s no fixed standard in choosing a stand mixer based on its controls. Well, just look for something that can offer you multiple speed. This feature is important because you’re not just going to mix a simple egg whites and make a meringue out of it, but you will be using it in various recipes that needs different speed. Another thing to remember is the kill switch. Not all electric mixer has this feature. Why is it important to find a mixer that has a kill switch? To avoid overheating, of course.

Stainless steel bowls are the most sturdy that you can find in the market. It also has different sizes. You can start from 4 liters, but just be aware that it can only hold two loaves of bread. Check the bowl if it perfectly fits in the mixer. There are some mixers that cannot hold the bowl firmly. This means that it has weak locks, and it will become a problem in the future.

Kenwood – kMix Stand Mixer

Having a energy of 500 W with 8 preset speeds digitally controlled, the mixer, Kenwood kMix is really a quality device that will permit you a lot dreams in the kitchen area within the preparation of pastries and pasta of all types.

Here is the best place to purchase the kMix Stand Mixer

Has a full pastry package, mixer, kMix, like other robots Kenwood kMix range leader, also offers a string of optional add-ons (grater, chopper, device fresh pasta …) that can make you will get in flexibility. Its cost, readily available for any camera of the quality, is yet another excellent point with this mixer, the most popular of everyone category!

kenwood kMix stand Mixer

Description and knowledge

Design, simple, stylish and sleek, the mixer, kMix isn’t less formidable efficiency if this involves rapidly make pasta or cake mixes. Boasting two motor results (slow and global) to some energy of 500 W direct drive, it is extremely nervous and didn’t balk in the task!

The slow release is going to be restricted to optional add-ons like the chopper, while global output, which guarantees the drummer to show on itself additionally to following a sides from the bowl (planetary motion) may be the primary outlet for serving a lot of the formulations.

With eight preset speeds including pulse mode and delicate blend function, electronic control, mixer, kMix adjusts to all kinds of formulations, more delicate (foam, bellows) up to the more consistent (or dough pizza). The engine is asynchronous, the robot is a little noisy, but it didn’t appear to bother customers beyond measure!

The bowl from the mixer, kMix having a gross capacity of 5 liters and stainless, enables all dreams in quality recipes, and it is appropriate for big families. Therefore it supports as much as 2.7 kg of cake dough, 1.3 kg of heavy dough, to mount 12 egg-whites until stiff one go and build up to 680 g of flour! A genuine war machine!

Its all-aluminum body provides a contemporary turn to the robot kMix as well as highly qualitative facet of these components will definitely not allow you to lower overnight! Observe that the bowl blown stainless not dishwasher-safe.

When it comes to add-ons, the mixer, kMix has the necessary baking package, composed of the drummer (known as K beater in mention of the its shape and Kenwood), permitting you to definitely add the blink of the look your cake mixes, a trouble to attain your various pasta because a baker, along with a balloon whisk to acquire blends of air and lightweight or ride your egg-whites until stiff. Many optional add-ons can also be found in an additional price of your wallet, such as the chopper, the system fresh pasta or grater. So that your robot won’t pastry but truly multi purpose!

The mixer, Kenwood kMix isn’t too bulky despite his bowl, and simply fits in your counter top. Very stable throughout operation, it’s also quite light with 8 kg. Additionally, it includes a spatula, an electric cord storage, anti projection cover to prevent uncomfortable surprises, particularly with liquid formulations. In the security level, the robot stops instantly once the mind is elevated, to prevent accidents throughout use.


  • His bowl 5 liter blown stainless and it is rugged aluminum body, very qualitative.
  • Excellent good value, the very best based on us within the performance category.
  • Its metal baking package, using the 3 essential add-ons: trouble, drummer and whip.


  • The extra price of buying additional add-ons, if you prefer a handier robot, it’ll spend the money for cost since these add-ons are not even close to receiving!


Butterfly Stan Mixer

Butterfly Stand Mixer Review

Butterfly Mixer 5L is a good quality appliance Its bowl is self rotating, and has a powerful motor that can handle heavy loads of dough.

What’s convenient about the Butterfly Mixer is it provide 3 different mixing tools that can complement your recipe. You can mix from a light mixture of cakes up to heavy dough of bread, and you can just whisk eggs and cream with its mixing tools.

You’ll for sure appreciate the extra large coverage of the mixer. This means that no mess or spilling of ingredients will occur even the speed of it is so fast.

You can select the speed that you want in its six speed selection. Well, it’s one of its nicest features since textures and consistencies merely depend on what is needed in your recipe. And different textures and consistencies depend on the speed you are going to use when mixing.

Package includes 1 Butterfly electric Mixer, 1 dough beater, 1 dough hook, 1 balloon mixer, and 1 5 liter bowl.