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Best Slow Juicer in Malaysia

Looking for the best slow juicer in Malaysia ? A slow juicer will extract the juices without removing the vital nutrients found inside the fruit.

Here are 3 of my favorite slow juicers that you can easily buy Online.

HUROM HH Slow Juicer

hurom slow juicer malaysia Better known for their ease of use, speed of juicing and superior build the new HUROM HH Premium is ideal for those looking for a time saving, easy to use masticating juicer. No compromise has been produced with this particular new generation of Hurom juicers.

The HH Series will quite simply be the pride of your kitchen, the brushed stainless effect high sheen metal motor housing gives a lustrous finish to grace any kitchen and a more solid, sturdy feel compared to all plastic versions of Hurom Juicers.

You can’t beat the 5 year warranty on the motor and 2 year warranty on parts.

The Hurom HH Series is excellent at juicing harder vegetables and fruits and performs much better on softer produce like oranges, berries and pineapple compared to horizontal juicers.FEATURES Safe feeding hopper – Single gear Ultrem resin auger “Slow Squeezing System” (SSS)Universal Ultrem resin screen Quiet brushless induction motor Automatic safety cut off Reverse function Automatic “Easy Clean” system

  • Stunning contemporary design and winner of the 2014 Red Dot Design Award
  • New brushed stainless finish metal clad motor housing
  • Non-drip juice valve for less mess, portion measurement, mixing function and simpler cleaning
  • Redesigned silicone wiper blades allow less pulp into the juice
  • New larger 500ml juice bowl with gradations for measuring exact quantities of juice in the serving before it is dispensed
  • BPA Free Juicing Parts
  • New simpler locating system for the juicing parts for easier assembly
  • 2 x GE Ultem juicing screens, 1 coarse for soft fruit, 1 fine for hard fruit and vegetables
  • 2 x cleaning brushes make clean up even quicker

HUROM HH Juicer Price: See Here

The Best Juicer – Trio Slow Juicer TSJ-150

Trio Slow Juicer TSJ-150 Trio juicer provides comfortable and remarkable solutions to daily household work. With smart, stylish and easy to use features, it saves time and power consumption.

TRIO offers latest products that help in increasing the cooking experience more convenient and quick. It simplifies the effort and hard work required for extracting juice and preserves the nutrients of food and drinks.

This Juice extractor especially applies if you like to make fresh juice from fruits and vegetables. This juicer is rated quite high among customers making it a remarkable product with highlighted Reverse Function.

Trio juicer is exceptionally recommended by existing customers.

Best Slow Juicer on the Market

All Trio products are made of quality materials and aesthetic designs with SIRIM approved.


Trio juicer TSJ-150 juices all kinds of fruits and vegetables efficiently even with skin, seeds and leaves separating the juice and pulp. Extraction of leafy vegetables, wheat grass, soy and even nut juice are hassle-free with this powerful and durable juicer. It has a key feature of high juice extraction with heavy duty juicing screw which helps in maximizing juicing by grinding and pressing the fruits and vegetables retaining the nutrients.

It makes drinks and food more healthy and delicious with preserving natural nutrition. If you want your favorite juice in a jiffy, Trio helps you with instant and easygoing extraction.

This masticating juicer has a reverse gear function, which helps to clear any blocked ingredients making it hassle- free juice. Now make and enjoy different drinks by juicing the desired fruits and vegetables. Explore your culinary talent with simple, fast and modern method using a Trio slow juicer. Get the fresh juice with the touch of a button within a few seconds.

Prepare healthy juices and preserve the essential vitamins and minerals. The low speed juice extracting system helps in reducing the heat build up and oxidation while keeping healthy enzymes intact. It is especially designed for the customers in providing natural food who are devoted to healthy living.

Slow Juicer accessories

The trio comes with accessories, which has two large juice jugs which help in saving time by simply inserting the second jug and continue juicing more fruits and a cleaning brush which makes more convenient for the customer to clean the juicer properly. Its parts can be easily detached for cleaning. There is no need to strain the extracted juice as the juicer comes with two replaceable strainers.

It grinds and extracts the juice perfectly, keeping the nutritional factor intact. It uses very less electricity and separates the pulp and the juice in different containers.

Quality Built

Trio slow juicer is made of high quality plastic which is durable and easy to clean. Its dimensions are 41L x 30.5W x 28.5H cm (L x W x H) with 220-240-250 -50Hz voltage. Trio slow juicer provides you outstanding performance with less noise at 80 RPM. It comes with 1 year warranty.

Even though this juicer is highly priced, but the service and quality are exceptionally worth it.

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When it comes to unique design, efficiency and durability Trio Slow Juicer TSJ-150 out stands every other juicer with its latest technology and reliability. Less noise and power consumption makes it eco- friendly product.

Efficient Juice Maker- SKG Slow Juicer

SKG A8 Slow Juicer SKG is the most popular brand in selling high quality household appliances. This company based in Malaysia, offers easy- to- use and sophisticated designed products required in daily life. For healthy lifestyle, switch on to SKG Slow Juicer for fresh, rich and natural juice. Enjoy your favorite and cooling juices by freshly juicing any kind of fruits and vegetables.

Make your body naturally immune and healthy by extracting delicious, natural and nutritious juices. This juicer is highly recommended by the existing users as it is highly ranked among other juicers. The key features help in outstanding any other product of its kind. Start your day with the smart and healthy way. SKG is a fast growing company with a wide range of home care appliances.

Key Features

SKG Slow Juicer extracts the maximum amount of juice, retaining the nutrients and taste. This juicer comes with stainless steel body which makes it long-lasting and rust free. It provides healthy, neat and clean juice safe from any harmful enzymes that might occur with ordinary juicer makers.
No need to peel and de-seed the fruits, just juice them as a whole with powerful juicer. SKG Slow Juicer comes with a safety lock system to ensure safe and sound juicing. Explore your culinary experience with advanced methods of juicing. Juice everything you want to with skin, seeds and leaves, without any hassle.

Many nice features

It comes with a significant feature like convenient food chute which helps in juicing whole fruits and vegetable without cutting them. Big flow faucet tube allows smooth flow of juice in the juice container.

Automatic pulp helps in giving fresh and seedless juice, separating the juice and pulp in two different large containers of 1L each. One can extract 1000ML of juice at one time. This juicer comes with the dimension of 27 (L) x 17 (W) x 45.5 (H) (cm) and works on 200W power.

After use, the juicer can be easily rinsed with water and wiped to get more juice. SKG juicer’s parts can be easily assembled and detached to clean the juicer thoroughly, this keeps the extractor hygienic, clean and sanitized. SKG juices fruits and vegetables with the latest technologies, hence giving yummy and wholesome juice. Make your diet well- balanced; provide essential vitamins and minerals to the body by just turning one switch on.
User manual is provided for the customer with the juicer. This juicer extracts the juice simply and smoothly. It relieves you from any cumbersome procedure like boiling and whistling fruits and vegetables to obtain juice. This product is made for the customers to provide desired comfort and convenience.

SKG Slow Juicer Price: See Here

SKG Slow Juicer exceptionally out performs any other juicer. It is easy to store this juicer as it is very compact. SKG promises its customers with the durability of the juicer with 1 year warranty. Live the healthy way with the natural, fresh and pure juices from this juicer. It is available at affordable and competitive price for the customers. It is certainly the most reliable and quite highly ranked and remarkable product from customers.