Induction Cooker for my Modern Kitchen

Cooking Great Food with the Perfect Induction Cooker

I love Malaysian food, and one cooktop appliance I really love to have in my kitchen is an induction cooker.


Philips Induction Cooker HD4921 Review

Malaysia induction cookerPhilips is famous for providing high quality furniture as well as satisfying and helping customers for years. Daily Collection ME Induction Cooker HD4921 is a new addition to the list. When choosing for air tight pot for your kitchen and cooking, make sure that you get the one that not only promotes convenience. Choose the one that is dedicated to keep important nutrients in your dish. You also need to be concerned with the eating programs that it promotes like the recipes that come with it upon purchase.

It’s true that we look for satisfaction and happiness when eating our favorite foods. The features of this unbelievably awesome rice cooker are intended to make the lives of kitchen buddies easier. It has five settings that you can use for cooking soup, stews, vegetables, and other similar dishes. You will have the ease of choosing your cooking setting with the bonus of customizing those for your preferred cooking convenience.

Malaysia Induction Cookers

Working is more fun if you’re cooking with a kitchen appliance that will cooperate with your demands. Daily Collection ME has a motion sensor control that you can easily control for that smooth and lovable cooking. You can easily punch in the setting that you need and you will have your cooking going on. There’s no need to check closely on your settings because the LEAD is clear and visible even from a distance. The surface will always be cold to touch so you’ll always have the safety and confidence even if you’re children is around when you’re preparing your meals.

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It has a portable and slick design that promotes easy cleaning. Its materials are made of durable materials like glass and aluminium. It will stand out in whatever cooking challenges you will throw at it.


  • Touch panel for different cooking settings
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Portable and slick design
  • Customizable cooking settings and timer
  • Cool surface for safety


  • It has lesser cooking settings compared to other cooker

You can never go wrong with Philips Daily Collection ME Induction Cooker HD4921. It will work as your perfect cooking partner. There’s no need to hire an assistant in your kitchen due to its convenience and speedy functionalities. Preparing your food should not stress you out and that’s what this cooker is for. The dedication to promote healthy eating and cooking is really doable if you know the kitchen appliance that you will get. If you’re planning to purchase one, don’t fail to get the ME Induction Cooker.

Hesstar Induction Cooker HIC-20

Induction CookerAdding ease and life to your daily activities, cooking is something that is easy, quick, and convenient like Hesstar Induction Cooker HIC-20. The first awesome cooking feature that you will love about this Induction Cooker is its speedy cooking time with the purpose of sealing important nutrients in the food you’re preparing. Long hours of putting your ingredients into the heat will eliminate some of their important ingredients. It’s true that great induction cookers with a very affordable price are available on the market. However, this one will come up superior with innovative features and superior quality.

Hesstar promotes safety with Its 10 safety protections features is perfect if your little kids decide to help in the kitchen too. The HIC-20 even comes with 5 different temperature adjustments for your cooking needs. There’s no need to worry about overheating or accidents. Cooking always comes with burned food, especially if you’re in a hurry. The surface of this product will remain cold and you will be cooking without fire. It’s safe for you and the environment. The cooking power is 2000W for quick cooking, to be exact.

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Cooking variety of meals is truly challenging. You can also try your cooking abilities on seven delicious and nutritious recipes that come with the package. It will allow you do multi-tasking because of its 7 cooking functions now you can easily set to quick-fry, barbeque, steam and even milk heating with a touch on the display. You can just set your setting and then leave it.

Simplicity is another thing that you will notice in the Hesstar Induction Cooker. It has an elegant and simple design. You won’t have corners or designs that may capture food bits that may lead to difficult cleaning. It has smooth surface.

People hate the thought of pressing a lot of buttons on their cooking appliance before they can get their preferred setting. This Induction Cooker gives you the convenience of pressing one button for every setting and you’re confident that you will have a delicious cooked meal in minutes.


  • High power of 2000W that will cook simple dishes in few minutes
  • Easy to read LEAD for the timer, and one touch button to operate
  • Portable and simple design for convenience
  • Crystallite glass that will keep the surface cool for safety


  • No Customizable cooking settings and timer

Users who tried the Hesstar Induction Cooker HIC-20 agreed that it will serve its purpose and won’t give you disappointing experiences. It’s variations of cooking features are really helpful since you don’t need to use more than one cooking appliance for several dishes. We need to be safe while cooking and you won’t worry about burn accidents with its always cool surface.

You will be the boss of your kitchen. With just a touch of a button, you will have the cooking setting that you need. There’s no need to spend most of your time in the kitchen to ensure that you will have the perfect result for your dish. Select your settings and the cooker will do the rest for you.