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Toshiba Washing Machine Review

Time for Your Laundry to be done – Quality Washing Machines

Are you someone who does your laundry at home or maybe you’re someone who go to laundry shops to clean your dirty clothes? Either way, it is important that you have the awareness on how your clothes are being washed.

Did you know that in some places, laundry shops have laundrymen and laundry women who do the washing of their clients’ clothes? While in some places, clients are independent and are the one operating washing machine in laundry shop.

toshiba washing machine

Today, most of the individual who lives alone prefer doing their laundry in a laundry shop rather than buying their own washing machines and do the washing at home. Well, you have to realize that you need to have your own washing machine for your own safety, since there are lots of bacteria spreading around today.

My Selection of Washing Machines

Why buy a washing machine?

There are lots of factors to consider when buying a washing machine. And you have to be very careful in choosing the one to purchase since this appliance will become one of the most important members of your family.

Are you already a large family or are you planning to have a large family? If your answer is yes, then you will be needing a large dimension washer. This will give you more room for your family’s dirty clothes. Not only that, it can also accommodate your blankets and comforter without any problem.

Washing machines are time savers. Just load your dirty clothes on its tub and spin it for a couple of minutes, then you are free to do other chores. You are not obligated to monitor your washing when you have your own washing machine at home.

You don’t need to exert physical effort whenever you wash your clothes in the machine. The machine will do all the work for you, just make sure that you put the proper proportion of water and detergent on its tub to achieve the result that you are expecting. Take note that when you hand wash your clothes, your time is 100% dedicated in your washing and after that you’ll feel so tired because all your strength is used to remove all the stain in your clothes.

If you worry about your delicate clothes to be worn out easily, then buy a washing machine that offers different cycles. A slow spinning feature of it is perfect for washing your expensive clothes. And of course, make sure that when you wash your delicate clothes in the washing machine, try not to overload it, so that it will not destroy your clothes fabric.

How to select a washing machine?

Well, of course, most households consider the price of the product first before deciding to purchase it. It’s already given that most of us are into saving some bucks, but can you compromise the quality of the item that you want to own for a few bucks? If the item you are going to buy is as important as washing machine, then better choose the pricey one because most of them give the best possible quality.

Consider checking the energy consumption of the washing machine you want to purchase. The higher the grade it has, the lesser energy it consume. But bear in my mind that this higher graded washing machine is more expensive than those low graded ones. So what do you prefer more? Buying expensive machines all at once, and save some bucks for a long period of time? Or buy the cheaper ones, but will cost you more as time flies?

Find the right size of drum for your needs. It is important for you to assess that part for you to minimize the cost of your consumption. Remember this, the bigger drum needs more power, and smaller drums need less power. If you are just a typical household with four to five members, then 6kg drum is already enough for you. But if you are bigger than five, then you should have the 12kg washing machine. This will accommodate all your clothes in one loading.

A machine for washing clothes should possess different spinning speed and cycle. This will help you to choose the right speed for the right fabric you’re going to wash. Heavy fabrics like comforters and blankets need 1,600rpm machine to make sure that stains are removed with less effort. And delicate fabrics need slower speed cycle to maintain the fabric’s texture.

Expensive washing machines have extra features such as the anti-crease and easy-iron setting. They also have these buttons with jeans picture, silk fabric, and some other type of fabric, and one press of the button will give you the right cycle and the right speed for your clothes.

Toshiba Fully Automated Washing Machine

toshiba washing machine

Toshiba is one of the best electronic company in the world. And all their products – from computers, mobile phones, and appliances – are remarkably world class.

Now, they offer the public this Toshiba Fully Automated Washing Machine in a price that everyone can afford to buy. What’s good about this washing machine is its brand is trustworthy. And not only that, you are rest assured that the after sales are also at its best. Their customer service representatives are always available to attend their customers’ query regarding their product.

This Toshiba Fully Automated Washing Machine has two water jet outlet and that feature makes this washing machine better than other brand and model. This two water jet outlet can create big water circulation that will help detergent dissolve faster and evenly.

Another good feature of this washing machine is it has a circular air intake. This function allows more air to flow inside the tub whenever you are using the dryer. This means that your wet clothes dries faster with this circular air intake.

Most of the washing machine on the market still consumes power even during standby mode, but Toshiba Fully Automated Washing Machine has zero standby power. So it only means that you don’t need to worry if you leave your washing machine unattended for a long time while it is still plugged.