Samsung Refrigerator Review

Do you want to upgrade your refrigerator?

Who doesn’t need a refrigerator at home? We all need it. It’s not a luxury anymore, but a necessity that every home must have.

There are lots of refrigerator in the market today, and sometimes it is difficult to choose what to buy. Most of the time, the only deciding factor of the consumer is the size and height of it. But of course, there are lots of factors to consider when buying a new unit of refrigerator.
Samsung Refrigerator

Why buy a refrigerator?

Why do we need to buy a refrigerator? Or if you already have one, then why do you think you need to replace it with the new one?

Old refrigerators are not yet power efficient, so you need to replace it with the new model to lessen your electric consumption. And besides, old ones are also dangerous to our ozone layer since Freon is not yet environment friendly in the old version.

Anyway, what it is the main purpose of a refrigerator? Yes, it is used mainly for preserving foods to avoid spoilage. Years before refrigerator was invented, people save their perishable goods under cold water like river or lake or in a jar full of cold water to maintain its freshness at least for a few days. It’s very smart right? But today, thank you to our technology active era, refrigerator is our best friend. All you have to do is set the temperature to lower degrees, and your foods are going to be cooled down and can last for a few days.

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Refrigerators are also for storage. This gives working moms the idea of cooking meals in bulk amount before they go to work and serve it at a later time without worrying that it will be spoiled. And if you are into catering, refrigerators are also a big help for you, since you travel from one place to another, this will help you maintain the delicious taste of your dish.

If your business is about delivering perishable goods, then refrigerator is going to be very helpful to you. We know that food delivery – fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables – consumes long hours of travel, and if you don’t use refrigerator, these goods will end up rotten when they finally reach their destination.

And lastly, it is also a good place to protect your food from pests and insects. Rats, cockroaches, and ants are the common problem in households, and if we don’t have a refrigerator at home, they will infect our foods without us noticing it.

How to select a refrigerator?

Do you have any idea of what style of refrigerator you want to buy? There’s a single door, two door refrigerator, side by side door, and the three door fridge which is also called the French door refrigerator. Well, your choice in regards to the size of the refrigerator you’re going to purchase merely depend on the available space you have at home, and of course, how much budget you have for a refrigerator.

You can also consider choosing between ice maker and water dispenser. But be mindful that these features need a direct contact to your water pipes. And another thing, you need to buy water filtration once the filter is not yet present in the fridge that you are going to purchase. This kind of refrigerator needs more attention than regular fridge, because it usually experiences problems due to the direct installation of its tube to the pipeline.

Space. Evaluate the space of each refrigerator that you’re going to see in the market. Two door fridge usually has lesser storage space below the freezer. If you need more storage space, then maybe, you’ll find the side by side door more interesting. But unfortunately, the width of side by side door is a little smaller than the two door fridge.

Choose a fridge that has detachable and adjustable drawers. This thing is important because if you need more space, especially during special occasions, you can detach or remove its drawers and shelves.

If you’re a very organized person, then maybe you should look for something that offers special drawers. There are some refrigerators that have built in wine and bottle drawers. There are also shelves that you can split up into two to create separation between your foods.

Lastly, choose a brand that has a good after sales service. You need this because if anything happens to your purchased item, at least you are rest assured that someone will attend to your concern without any cost.

Samsung 2 Door Refrigerator

Samsung 2 Door RefrigeratorSamsung 2 Door Refrigerator is a very sturdy looking refrigerator that not only give you the performance you are expecting, but also have good looks that you will not be ashamed of.

Samsung is trusted brand all over the world, and producing well made products is their forte. You can trust their after sales service. Their customer service line is open 24/7, so if you have some query, you can contact them without any problem.

This two door refrigerator has cooling curtain system that lets the temperat Toshiba Fully Automated Washing Machine ure evenly distributed in the whole unit. Uneven distribution of cooling is experienced whenever the fridge is filled with too much food inside, but in this Samsung 2 Door Refrigerator, you won’t experience this problem because of the cool curtain built into this unit.

One of the best feature that Samsung offers is the Twist Ice Maker. Imagine how convenient this feature for you, with a simple twist of the dial your ice will come out without any problem. No more to cracking of your ice trays whenever you need an ice for your drink.

It also has a cool digital display on its door that states the inside temperature of your fridge.

Well, there are still lots of cool features in this item, what you need to do is go to your nearest appliance store and see it for yourself and be amazed with its unbelievable features. It has a huge storage that for sure you won’t regret if you decide to bring it at your home.