Best Juice Extractor in Malaysia

Here are my top recommendations for the best juice extractor you can find in stores when shopping in Malaysia. I will also link directly to an online store for you to conveniently receive your juicer at home.

Highly Recommended Juicer- Breville Juice Extractor JE95

Breville Juice Fountain JE95Get into the world of juicing with fast and excellent speed juice fountain. Breville Juice Fountain JE95 is designed as per latest technologies and methods to improve and extract maximum juice.

This juicer automatically adjusts to the juicing load. Breville is a USA based company which provides high quality appliances for household work, making your culinary experience easy, simple and quick. Quench your morning thirst by juicing fresh fruits and vegetables with this high speed juicer.

Highlighted Features

Patented wide feed chute helps in juicing the fruits and vegetables as whole without peeling and deseeding, making it less tedious.

There is a food pusher which helps in pushing the whole juicing items down the extra wide food chute. This juicer saves the time consumption with quick operation and simple clean up.

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There are two large juice and pulp containers 1L and 2-1/2 L respectively with integrated handles. The juicer contains lid on the juice container which allows juicer to operate with the lid on, hence eliminating any risk of spilling juice while juicing. You can store the prepared juice in the refrigerator in the juice container.

For the safety Breville Juice Fountain comes with a safety locking arm. The juicer will not work until the juicer cover is in place and the safety lock is in vertical operating position.
This juicer contains Italian stainless steel micro-mesh filter. Most of its parts are dishwasher safe like; micro-mesh filter, juicer cover, pulp and juice containers except the motor. It is easy to clean all the parts with the cleaning brush provided by the company with the juicer, making it clean and hygienic for further use.


Great Tasting Juice

Breville juicer has a latest feature which distinguishes it from any other juicer. It has a froth separator for removing the froth from the extracted juice pouring into the glass. It also has a detachable spout to directly pour the ready juice.

It has an LCD display to check the various speeds, making it more convenient for the user. This juicer has a key feature of the 3 position switch; with 2 electronic speeds and OFF. While soft and juicy fruits can be juiced with low speed on the other hand juice from hard fruits and vegetables can be extracted easily with increasing the speed to second level. You can extract 30%- 40% more juice with Breville juice fountain preserving the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
Juice fountain is light, compact and easy to store with 47 x 26.1 x 33.70 cm (LxWxH) dimensions and weighs 6.94Kgs only.

Though it runs on a heavy duty motor with 850W and after juicing hard food items the juicer need to be turned off for a minute before resuming it, but it is worth buying as it is unique and efficient among other fountain juicers. This product of Breville has been remarked with excellent reviews by existing customers with 4.2 star rating. It is an incredible juicer available at affordable price with one year warranty, made by using latest and professional methods.

SKG Juicer MY-610

SKG Juicer My-610 GreenDrinking fresh juices everyday add to the healthy lifestyle. Start your day with a glass of freshly extracted juice and give your body all the essential vitamins and minerals required for the day. This SKG juicer My-610 provides the solutions to all the juicing problems you face during cooking. It acts as a helping hand with quick and easy juicing of fruits and vegetables.

This is a small and handy kitchen appliance which is easy to use and is of great help for juicing. This professional juicer, juices all kinds of food items with ease and its color itself reflects a healthier and greener lifestyle.


SKG juicer features a strong rotary motor which adopts the power capacity of 450W for fast juicing. This juice extractor has a stainless steel body that ensures scratch proof, durable, rust free and stylish juicer. The extra large input pipe facilitates for fast and quick juicing with less time consuming. This large pipe allows you to juice bigger pieces of fruits with minimum cutting. There is no need to even peel the skin and de-seed the fruits.

Another key feature that withstand this product is the mini-pore filter mesh which sieves and removes out all unwanted pulp and skin to give you the strained and pure juice. This mesh further serves you by retaining all the important vitamins and minerals present in the juice for healthy living. SKG juicer extracts the juice by pressing the food items thoroughly giving juiced full of nutrition. Juicing is the best and fast way to get more fresh vegetables in your diet. Accelerate yourself to make quick and easy smoothies, juices and pastes as required. This compact and stylish juicer plays an important role in speeding the extraction.

This juicer increases your work efficiency consuming less time with best and latest method of extraction. It is not at all challenging to clean SKG juicer as all its parts are easy to detach. Just rinse it with water and quickly wipe, after use.

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Great Engineering

German made high speed ball bearing motor adds to its efficiency with 18000-22000 revolutions per minute. It also removes 30% more juice than any other ordinary juicers.
SKG Juicer has a special device that separates froth from the juice and gives you fresh and pure juice. Its compact size makes it convenient to keep and store anywhere. It is a user-friendly, simple and easy to use juicer. It is very safe and high yielding juicer which saves time and money. This juice extractor is a perfect combination of technology and healthy living.

SKG Juicer MY-610 is CB, CE, CQ and GS certified, which ensures the customers’ safety and quality. SKG promises its customers for product durability and services with one year warranty. It is highly remarkable and appreciated product by existing users. Due to its quality and efficiency, it is quite advised for the customers. Adapt to a healthy lifestyle with fresh, natural, pure and tasty juices with SKG Juicer MY-610. This kitchen appliance makes a bright and bold statement about you.