Smoothie Maker – Blending Nice Smothies

Cool drinks with my selection of smoothie makers

Are you looking for a brand new smoothie maker to keep you cool during these hot seasons, I know that it can be very hot during the day in Malaysia and these are the two smoothie makers that I was using to make my favorite smoothie or shake.

Lebensstill Kollektion Smoothie Maker

lebensstill smoothie makerAt first glance, the Lebensstill Smoothie Maker with Grinder LKED-6170M can take place to be only a jazzed-up version of the typical kitchen blender. Hold that thought – the Smoothie Maker is specifically made to produce control freezing products simple.

The Lebensstill Kollektion Smoothie Maker is excellent for those who are looking for a solid structure with size. The glass container of the Smoothie Maker has a capacity of 1.7-litres, enough to serve your friends, and with a rust-free stainless-steel body, you’ll make certain that this Smoothie Maker can last you a long run. Additionally it has a handy stirrer stay.

Security Lock

Along with the switch, the Smoothie Maker has High available and two-speed options: Low around the pulse switch. For safety reasons, it comes filled with a safety lock and a light sign to prevent curious little hands.

Titanium Serrated Knives

The pitcher of the Smoothie Maker includes a more angular form to bring the fruits down the titanium serrated knives with removable blade, ideal for crushing ice which makes the consistency of one’s smoothie more defined. An useful spout touch at the foot of the pitcher enables spill-free drink dispensing for smoothie on the run.

How To Make a Vanilla-Banana Smoothie

Magic Bullet Blender

Magic-Bullet-smoothie-makerHave you discovered the magic that comes when you try to combine things up and create something far from the original? It’s like having your own pot of potions in your house. Magic can be everywhere; even at your kitchen.

The Magic Bullet by JML, as the name implies, is magical machine that can help you blend different ingredients in no time. What makes this magical is its size and power. This is why it is given 4.5 out of 5 stars by people in the Unites States.

Feel like a wizard whenever you use this to blend yourself a nice cup of fruit or vegetable shakes. Why you say? With its compact, bullet-shaped feature, you can easily create wonderful and flavorful shakes and fruit juices through a push of a magic button. Compared to other blenders which are bulky and has tons of buttons, this one doesn’t take that much space in your kitchen and only takes a push of a button.

In just about 10 seconds, you can chop, grate, crush, mix, and grind different ingredients to make the perfect mouth-watering dish or beverage. They say that anything that is done fast will cause a mess. Not with this blender. Watch how magical this machine can be as it does its thing in an instant!

The magic begins with putting in the fruit, vegetable, yogurt, cheese, onions or the likes inside the canister, close the lid, and push the magic button. Viola! Watch how these things turn to your wanted consistency in no time. This is made possible with its cyclonic cutting zone system. This powerful technology enables you to process almost everything – from fruits to vegetables, from milk to yogurt, and from coffee beans to ice. You name it and this machine can do it. It is a very versatile appliance that can as much do as everything that other blenders put together.

What can you expect from this superb electronic blending machine? A lot actually! This set includes 2 powerful blades (cross and flat) that are locked into a high-torque power base, 2 bullet-shaped cups (tall and short), 2 tops (shaker and steamer), 2 lids that are re-sealable, 4 mugs with comfort rings that are made specifically for cocktails, 1 juice extractor, 4 extra joints for the blades, and a recipe book filled with 10-second recipes. That’s too much for a small machine.

Customers are glad that they bought this magical kitchen helper. It can perfectly mix flour and water without producing any lumps which enables you to prepare perfect dough for pastry purposes. It’s fun and easy to use and is also perfect for quick breakfast meals.

Save time. Save a lot of it. Be amazed at how such a small machine can take you a long way. It’s time to wear that magic hat and cast some spells with this JML Magic Bullet. Abra Kadabra your way to a perfectly made smoothie, milkshakes, and the likes.

Kenwood Smoothie Maker SB327 Silver

Kenwood Smoothie Maker SB327 SilverA hot day calls for a cold drink. A perfect way to beat the tiring effects of the sun’s heat is to have your very own smoothie. Gather up your favorite fruits and vegetables and produce a wonderfully mixed cold beverage with the Kenwood Smoothie SB327 Smoothie Maker. So far, this is one of the best fruit punch machines in the market which garnered a 4-star rating among American customers. Get into the hype and be amazed on such a small compact machine can turn your world into a winter wonderland in no time.

Whether you want something to chill things out or just want to stay fit and healthy in a way then you definitely need a fruit shake maker of your own. This machine manufactured by Kenwood will give you the best semi-frozen treat your taste buds need. You can create a nicely done fruit or vegetable milkshake beverage with none of the ingredients getting spoiled.

This is with the help of its perfectly engineered goblet-shaped funnel which can accommodate all of the fruits and veggies you put into it. With a capacity of 1.5 liters, there’s no stopping you from making tons and tons of healthful beverages. There is also an available tap which saves you from tipping it up every time you want to collect the sweet smoothie.

This appliance is not suitable for grinding dry fruits and vegetables. This is due to the main purpose of the blades which are for foaming. The blades are positioned in a way that they are hoisted on top of the opening of the tap. Frozen fruits and ice don’t match for this machine. It can easily break and crush them to perfection which later adds more flavor to your fun-filled drink. There is an available stirring stick which you can use if you are putting in a thick ingredient inside the machine. 60 seconds is the time it takes to produce the perfectly foamed and mixed drink.

What the customers loved about this one-of-a-kind machine is that its power is unmatched when it comes to crushing ice and frozen fruits and of course, with the soft ones too. It is also easy to use and easy to clean. Although it is very good in preparing you and your children a healthful glass of fresh juice, it sometimes clogs whenever you use the tap. This is why others disregard it and doesn’t use it while preparing a glass of smoothie.

Have a delightful and healthful treat that you and your family can enjoy in just a matter of seconds with this Kenwood Smoothie SB327 Smoothie Maker. You can have perfectly mixed and crushed ice cold beverages, yoghurt drinks, and fruit and vegetable drinks without having drippings on your kitchen tiles. Its die cast casing makes it a perfect addition to your wonderful and innovative kitchen. Look and be like a professional with this appliance in possession. Nothing beats going natural and practical.