Best Thermo Pot – Keeping Water Warm

Keeping your water hot with a great thermo pot is a great way to save money on your electric bill or your gas purchase, while having the convenience of drinking your favorite beverage when you want.

Here are the two best Thermo pots on the market:

Panosonic Thermo Pot NC-TWS30 White

Panasonic Thermo Pot NC-TWS30 WhiteHaving a rough time in doing your office work or getting sleepy during a business meeting? Then my friend, you need something to tingle those nerves and spirit of yours. Maybe a cup of strong coffee that is mixed with perfectly boiled water from Panosonic Thermo Pot NC-TWS30 White might do the trick. Coffee and tea tastes more enticing if you mix them with water that is carefully and perfectly boiled and will not affect the taste of your beverage. This is what this thermo pot can do for you.

Unlike other water heaters, this one can boil your water into the right, optimum temperature you need to make the finest cup of coffee and tea. This is important especially if you want to have a nice cup of noodles. You don’t want the water to overcook it right? Overcooking it means losing the natural flavor and essence of the food or beverage.

This is why Panasonic focused on how to maintain and achieve the exact temperature that will not cause any adverse effect on your throat. Waiting is also not an option because it will only take a matter of seconds for you to have your own warm water. Comparing this to the natural way of boiling water which would take you like forever, this is will save you a lot of time so that you can do your work and stay awake for the remaining hours at the office.

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Talking about the optimum temperature you need to boil perfect warm water, this machine can let you choose from different temperatures depending on how hot you would like your coffee or tea to be. Even though there are options on which hotness level you want your water to have, it still doesn’t exceed the right warmth that would destroy your lovely cup of awakening beans or leaves.

The overheating part can be detrimental to both your beverage and the environment which leads us to the special functionality that it have. It has a protection and prevention against the possible overheating of the water inside of it. So you don’t have to worry that it will cause a fuss on your water and the likes.

You can produce at around 3 liters of water out of this machine. This means more cups for you and your colleagues or for the rest of the day. The way it dispenses the water is through an air pump that guides it to properly release water to your cup. It also has a water level indicator that helps you survey the amount of water inside the canister. Cleaning is also a breeze which is made possible by its stainless steel interior. Its powerful base that can turn 360° is really convenient for you so that you can place the thermo in any position.

So when it comes to perfecting your coffee for your meeting or whenever you need a cup of energy booster, you need this machine to satisfy all of these. All you need is this to put a smile on your everyday life.

Faber 4.5 Liters Thermopot FTP451

Faber 4.5 Liters Thermopot FTP451Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee early in the morning. It will surely make the start of your day nice and comfy and of course, awake. A hot drink calls for a hot water which means you need something that will warm up your water instantly and keeps it warm for the rest of the day. Faber 4.5 Liters Thermo Pot FTP451 is the thermos pot that will surely brighten up your day. It will definitely keep the hot water good for keeps for the rest of the day. Discover a whole new mornings with this baby in hand.

Start your morning right with a warm cup of coffee. Aside from the coffee beans, what makes a coffee fabulous is the right hotness of the water which this device promises its patrons. It can boil the water in a matter of minutes. You can also control the temperature of the water depending on your preference. It doesn’t stop in the boiling process of the water because it has this functionality that keeps the water warm for a long time. This is made possible through its base heating element technology. In addition to this, it also has a chlorine purifying system which makes sure that the water is safe and purified for you to consume. You wouldn’t want to have an upset stomach right?

Dispensing the liquid is quite easy with its body that is shaped like a U. Another thing is that it has an easy push dispenser. This enables you to easily get the warm water from it directly to your favorite mug or cup. It also has a 3-ways dispenser so that you can choose how much water it would dispense. It gives you the ease and comfort you need to create a wonderful cup of coffee or tea.
The whole machine can carry up to 4.5 liters of water which is a lot for you to have the whole day.

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Also, the keep warm functionality and larger water capacity help you save a lot of electricity. We all know that electric water boilers consume a lot of electricity but with the said functionality, you are assured to have a lot of savings when it comes to your electric bill. No more constant heating and heating because your previous heater doesn’t have the keep warm option. All you need is one shot water heating for the whole day which is provided with this appliance.

Aside from these cool features, it also has auto-pump and air pump functionality that provides ease in dispensing, a stopper for the prevention of possible short circuit, a double dry boiling protection, and a tiger gray plastic design. It also has a double dry boiling protection which protects the machine from the adverse effect of drying.

Don’t worry about cleaning it because it’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3. It has a release that helps you in cleaning it easily. With its stainless steel body, you can conveniently wipe the stains out with a towel. It’s the most convenient hot water producer that you and your family need to jump start your day.

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