Baby Carrier and a Baby Stroller Selection

A baby Stroller or a baby carrier – That is the question ?

A Baby stroller is a must buy, but how to choose? Among the many models available in-store, this baby stroller review gives you the criteria preferred at time of purchase.

The baby stroller: what budget provide?

Buying a stroller is a certain investment: a single stroller cane go at RM 1000 to Rm 2000 for a quality stroller. Depending on the model, functions the stroller, but also of the brand, the price of the baby stroller can be very variable. You must study this expenditure on the basis of its usefulness, but also if the baby stroller will benefit your future children.

Baby stroller MalaysiaThe baby stroller: the safety criteria

  • The child must not be pinched, cut or to crush fingers (the most frequent accidents).
  • He must not be able to swallow detachable elements.
  • The braking system must be effective, the ergonomics of the compatible with the child’s health.
  • Folding system should not be operated by children when it is in the stroller.

The baby stroller: what to check at the time of the purchase?

The baby stroller can be equipped with a basket installed under the seat: large, accessible and strong, it will facilitate you life at the time of the races…. At the time of the purchase of the baby stroller, it must verify that the textile parts are fully washable, and if possible machine. Babies often regurgitate and small children enjoy eating in their coach!
The baby stroller must be also equipped with an adaptable full dressing: hood and apron of the hammock waterproof to protect baby against sudden weather or excessive heat.
Once folded, a stroller is more or less square. Check the dimensions of the baby stroller depending on your box car and the place of storage you. And do not hesitate to manipulate the baby stroller in the store: at the fold, roll (with one hand, to check its maneuverability), him lower and climb some stairs.

The baby stroller: our tips before use

  • Before placing baby in his stroller, make sure that the locking system and folding devices are securely locked.
  • Always secure your child in the stroller, even for a very short ride.
  • Never leave your child in his stroller immobilized in full sun.
  • Avoid to move too close to cars with your child in the stroller.
  • Always observe carefully the order in which you must install or remove children in a stroller cab, in order to avoid any risk of tipping

The Baby Carriers

baby carrierCarrying our baby is becoming more and more fashionable, each goes to his latest find in this area.
However, apart from “aficionados du Portage” people will find it really nice to have their baby so close.

A baby carrier is very convenient when you do not have the space to carry the stroller around like the small market or shopping malls, so I would suggest to get one of each, the baby stroller for those long walks in the park or big centers and a baby carrier for the smaller spaces where you want to have your baby close to you.

Given the cost of a better baby carrier is not mistaken!
My first advice will therefore be to familiarize yourself with all the quality baby carriers by visiting our baby carrier review, a great article to find all the babies carrier of the market.

For my part I brought my daughter in a sling of his birth to her 4 months. Subsequently I opted for a baby ergo when she was 6 months old.
I was completely filled by my choice. My only regret and not attending a workshop to learn the various knots and techniques of portages in a Sling. I intend to catch me for N ° 2!