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BB Cream for the Malaysian Sun

BB Cream MalaysiaBB cream is an abbreviation that stands for a number of products like blemish balm, beauty base or blemish base. It is in general one of the many cosmetic items that are sold in East and Southeast Asia at a large scale.

You Can Find here the best BB cream’s in Malaysia

It is promoted in these countries as a product which is known for its multi-functioning ability. It is best known for its ability to replace serum. However it is also high quality moisturizer, primer, sun block and foundation.

BB cream can even be worn alone without any product and it functions equally good and effectively. It may be worn as moisturizer over serum or in other cases as a foundation. It depends upon the amount coverage desired by the user. In either cases the results of BB cream is excellent and works without causing any side effects like rashes and irritation.

Therefore BB cream is the best products for especially those individuals who do not have enough time to apply multiple products on face.

#1 Favorite BB Cream – Hot Pink by Skin79

It is 3 effects functional blemish balm. By Adenosine and Arbutin ingredients whch are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement cultivate more bright and elastic skin.

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Blemish Balms, which are now called BB creams in simple terms, is becoming very popular in Asian countries because of its manifold benefits. Apart from providing its users protection from sun and moisture, it also provides a number of other skin care benefits.

These additional benefits include whitening and preventing all types of breakouts. Apart from this it also consists of different anti-aging ingredients and anti-oxidants. In this way it also reduces the seven obvious signs of aging which makes it even a more preferable choice of people.

Biotherm Aquasource BB Cream

#2 Favorite BB Cream – Biotherm Aquasource

Helps hydrate up to five layers of skin. Loaded with Hyaluronic Acid to seal in moisture & plump up skin.

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A number of researches and surveys suggest that people are completely satisfied with the results of BB cream. It is in fact sometimes included in the most popular Asian beauty products. The formula of these is known to have originated from Germany. With the aid of BB creams’ soothing effect and its skin regenerating characteristics, dermatologists have used them for healing wounds and scars resulted by laser skin surgeries.

Initially BB cream was merely used by actresses and celebrities then its formula was used by a number of companies that made it available to local public. This version of cream works best for both types of skins-sensitive and acne prone. It is also very effective for using as make up as it enhances the condition of skin and balances the skin color. At the same time it provides coverage for all types of skin blemishes as well as dark spots.

Missha Prime Gold

#3 Favorite BB Cream – Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream No.21 and Missha M BB Boomer

Missha is a professional skin care shop that offers variety range of skin care product. From head to toe, the skin care products by Missha is made of high quality and non allergic ingredients, which prevent skin allergy and provide the maximum protection to the skin at the same time.

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However the output of BB cream is very natural and sober. It does not give an apparent obvious make up look. It provides its users with a perfect coverage similar to foundation. However it is not really thick and does not clog up the pores.

Nevertheless it conceals acne and discoloration; encouraging skin regeneration. As a result BB cream causes smoothing and refining of skin, maintaining the natural age of skin.

The above mentioned benefits of BB cream make the products even more popular among the public. They seek to use no other skin treatment then this to achieve maximum benefits.

How to Apply BB Cream