Best Digital SLR Camera in Malaysia

Canon EOS 600D Digital SLR Camera

Canon EOS 600DWith the Canon EOS 600D, Canon tries to give a sequel to the bestselling 550D. However, the innovations introduced by the new camera DSLR is not the LCD screen mounted on ball, the 600D grows in confidence and maturity like the remote control wireless flash units.

The quality is well above the Canon 1100D and overall the Reflex 600D is well in hand, thanks to the handle covered with a rubber coating well adherent.

The 600D is tamed quickly and we appreciate the many controls that allow quick access to the main : ISO sensitivity, white balance, AF lens and choice, patch and exposure lock.

Image quality Image from a Camera DSLR

With 18MP CMOS sensor that is also found on the 550D and 60D and a processor of identical pictures (DIGIC 4), we are not surprised by the image quality of the 600D

The quality level of picture there is really no difference between all APS-C Canon 17-55 IS your work very well on the 18MP sensor. Now if you want to go upmarket is minimum 60D, 600D is the evolution of your 450D on point (AF & Viewfinder) remains the same.

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With its rotating LCD screen, the 600D appears as an ideal DSLR for filming. Yet with a winded and noisy autofocus, should be of benefit to the general public expert videographers. It is possible to shoot 1080 HD 25/24 fps or HDTV from 720 to 50 i / s.

The new model is also backed by powerful EOS technologies such as an 18-megapixel CMOS Sensor with a 9-point auto-focus system and a wide range of ISO 100-6400 sensitivity, excellent in handling any shooting situation.

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The Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera

Nikon D3100 MalaysiaNikon upsets his entry level with the Nikon D3100 finally receiving an email to date. With Full HD video, it even allows some points beyond the range professional manufacturer.

Compared to previous models and D3100, the evolution of construction is obvious. Marbled plastic gives way to the rubber on the handle, a thumb rest appears on the back … It always seems a little lightweight plastic models compared to the higher ranges, but the gain in quality is noticeable.

Ergonomics for its part remains true to Nikon’s tradition, with the new lever setting modes burst / timer and trigger a new passage in Live View, variously appreciated – some prefer to switch to a EOS 7D, d others appreciate this command returns instead. For the rest, it should not destabilize familiar with the brand.

Image quality

The 18-55 mm VR kit supplied is known. Not perfectly homogeneous (dive down a bit in the corners at all focal lengths), it is a level quite correct, in particular for optical kit. In contrast, the 14MP sensor is new.


The D3100 is the first Nikon DSLR shooting in Full HD. He recorded 24 full frames per second (no need to de-interlace so); the picture is clear and detailed, despite a slight tingling in low light, and we especially regret a limited dynamic range (light tones quickly become white).

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The D3100 is a great entry-level DSLR. Its screen insufficiently defined forbade him to claim the five-star, but its image quality is at the top and it is nice and responsive.