Best Power Bank in Malaysia

Instant Energy with these Portable Power Banks

Here are the best power bank that you can find in Malaysia, brands like Yoobao, Pineng or Macsonic will give your phone or tablet that extra life.
Yoobao power bank

Here is the best place to buy a Yoobao Power Bank

It is always annoying when I see my battery low signal on my device while I am watching a video or talking to a friend, that is why I like to have around a very portable power bank that will keep me on the go until I reach my charging outlet.

Yoobao Power Bank

One unit I love is the Yoobao Thunder Power Bank, it gives you instant electricity to increase the battery duration of your mobile devices, so that you can enjoy continuous amusement and conversation wherever you are!

I use the Yoobao THUNDER YB-6016, it includes a battery capacity of 13000mAh – that’s lots of battery to help keep in this compact design! It’s suitable for an array of cell phones, apple iphone, iPad, cameras, PSP or NDSL and MP3 or MP4 gamers.

The size of a thick smartphone, after a few seconds of reaction, the mobile device starts charging via USB.

Pineng Power Bank

Pineng power bankThe Pineng PowerBanks offers a variety of energy capacity and enables you to definitely charge two products concurrently. Meanwhile the body of the energy bank consists of aviation aluminium alloy spend.

These components guarantees that the energy bank stays resistant against shock triggered by impact or perhaps getting too hot triggered by continuous charging. This energy bank also possess a Liquid crystal display screen to point the charging and discharging status from the energy bank. Here is the best place to buy a Pineng Power Bank


Macsonic PowerBank

macsonic powerbankPresenting the Macsonic 2200mAh Powerbank , the perfect portable energy source for your electronic products. Using the simple to use interface and enormous energy capacity, the Macsonic 2200mAh Powerbank provides instant energy for continuous entertainment and communication wherever you decide to go.

Large Energy Capacity

The Macsonic powerbank packs a energy capacity of 2200mAh, that is ample to totally charge your electronic products. The powerbank includes 3 different adapter heads which let it charge just about any type of electronic products for your benefit.

Wise and Safe

In addition to blindly supplying energy for your products, the Macsonic powerbank is made to be energy efficient in addition to making certain safety for your products. Featuring a smart circuitry protection, the powerbank instantly stops supplying whenever it picks up your system is fully charged.

This will prevent your products from being overcharged in addition to making certain the energy within the power bank doesn’t go wasted. Also featured within the powerbank is really a short circuit protection where it’ll instantly stop all energy for your device whenever there is a malfunction to maintain your device protected from harm. Get the Macsonic Power Bank here.