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I just love to sit around and listen to beautiful music with my Blu Ray Player, here are two different audio players that will really pour some music in your house.

SONY BDP-S1100 Smart Blu-Ray Player Review

SONY BDP-S1100 Blu-Ray Player is perfect with its HD and WiFi compatibility. It is true that we’re so done with the traditional DVD player that bothers us with limited availability of DVD movies to play, aside from the fact that the picture quality is really disappointing. If you want to feel the difference of a real viewing entertainment, purchasing this product from SONY is the solution.Blu Ray Player malaysia

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You will never be behind with technology if you have the BDP-S1100 because of the high-tech features and innovation that it brings. Let’s start with the WiFi capability that will let you connect to the internet, whenever and whenever, as long as there is a connection.

You can also play your favorite movies in Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora and other online content providers. In addition to that, you can play other online contents of your liking. You will never have lonely nights with BDP-S1100.

Movies will be more likable and satisfactory if the picture quality is optimized. This baby will bring every scene to life and clarity with its 1080P picture quality in HD. You have the option to convert already downloaded movies in 2D to the amazing picture crispness in 3D version. Of course you won’t have sweaty moments fighting with the buttons of your remote control. BDP-S1100 has the Sony Media App that will let you connect the control of your device to your iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other Android devices for a more responsive and convenient control.

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You won’t have problems with rocking your world (literally) because of its streaming and multi-room functionality. You can connect the player to other WiFi cable devices on your home and hear the tune of your favorite music anywhere with the help of the powerful wireless speakers that comes with the device.

Seeing your favorite movie won’t take minutes with its quick load feature, unlike other players that will try to test your patience. You will have the audio quality at the highest point with its DTS-HD codecs and Dolby TrueHD technology for a true HD sound quality. If you’re the type of person who loves viewing your favorite photos on TV, that is possible. This amazing movie player has a USB connection that you use. You can share your memorable photographs with friends during parties and gatherings.


  • 2D to 3D automatic conversion
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capability
  • HD quality of up to 1080P
  • Free Media remote app
  • HD Audio conversion and quick movie loading


  • 2.5 MBPS internet speed requirement for streaming
  • Online contents may come with a charge
  • Needed devices are hooked to the same WiFi connection

SONY BDP-S1100 Blu-Ray Player is dedicated to brightening your home viewing and entertainment experience. It will make you realize that there’s no need to go out to get the movie quality that you will experience in theaters. Having this device will make you a home buddy which is a good thing. This is one intelligent purchase that you will never regret.

Philips Soundbar Home Theater HTB5150KD 3D Blu-ray Player Product Review

Philips Soundbar Home Theater HTB5150KD 3D Blu-ray PlayerPhilips Soundbar Home Theater HTB5150KD 3D Blu-ray Player is the fulfillment of your home entertainment dream. The product is known for its great picture and sound that will give you theater-like experience without going out. You can turn your night into a world class concert through the device. Friends will never want to leave your house with the amazing and class A entertainment that they can get from this awesome and famous device. You will never be behind with modern technology with its features that are compatible with Smartphones.

Do you want to attend a live concert of your favorite artist, but does not the time and resources to make the dream happen? This creation from Philips will let you enjoy their recorded concerts like you’re really on stage. It has surrounded sound system that heightens your listening experience. There’s no need to spend more for additional speakers to make this happen. This appliance is intended to satisfy your audio standards and demands.

Bringing the real movie action and adventure in your living room is made possible with Philips Soundbar. It has an HD picture quality that will bring everything to life. It includes a smart TV that will let you watch your favorite online contents or watch the contents from your Smartphone with hits Bluetooth of WiFi compatibility feature. It will defy your senses and you will have that realistic theater experience while wearing your pajamas. It will definitely end your boring nights.

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Appliance setup is one of what people hate. It’s really not enjoyable to deal with wires and connections, like doing a wolfish yourself. The HTB5150KD 3D Blu-ray Player is so easy to setup. It will be so much easier to call or invite friends because it’s Skype ready. There’s no need to open your PC to accomplish it. You will never have issues with the resolution of your movies that are in 2D. You can convert those in 3D with just a touch of a button.

You can also make it simple by listening to your favorite online radio stations and you don’t need a radio for it. This lovely appliance has internet access that will connect you to thousands of radio stations online.


  • The HD picture quality of real theater experience
  • Surround sound system for class A audio performance
  • Bluetooth and WiFi compatibility
  • Skype Ready
  • Smart TV


  • Setup can be difficult if you want to mount it on the wall
  • Have to deal with different wirings

Philips Soundbar Home Theater HTB5150KD 3D Blu-ray Player will give you real entertainment at your own house. Going out with friends to catch a movie or visit karaoke bars will be history with this innovative invention. User ratings give this one a 9.5 score out of ten. Though this cost you amount of dollars, the features are worth more than what you’ll spend. Purchasing this in addition to your entertainment appliances is like investing for your happiness.